After a great success from a lot of Small and Mid Sized Companies in Digital Arena - now everyone is realizing the importance of being online. But a number of myths are forming everyday which acts as one of the biggest cause of preferring Traditional Marketing over Digital Marketing even after the big change in trends.

If we go back and try to analyze the reason why its happening - in a single sentence - we can say - its all because of "Marking Wrong Myths and Dealing with it without synchronizing with trends"

Lets understand with the help of example.

Going back some years of my life, In 2013 - When I was purely a programmer and was surfing for the marketing solutions to market myself and my products for which I was working on. At that time - I realized a tool - "Facebook" about which I read a lot of case studies that how it can help a business but after working on same, then I realized that Its not that easy to generate leads as I was expecting for.

Most of the people which are working on or are passionate about Social Media Marketing talks about how to use tools and various platforms like FB, Twitter, G+ etc but i think it make more sense to understand customers before understanding tool and strategizing the plan dynamically accordingly.

Again if we take example of Facebook - As Now everyone know - its great platform to connect with their customers. But they follow a wrong myth - Promoting Aggressively on Facebook - which is something for which facebook is not meant for at all. And after campaigning they got confused and badly opposed to social media - as they think its something which is of no use.

Interesting question here - how does it work for others - its all because they synchronize with trends, understand customer by their behavior, their actions to dynamically plan strategy.

Its not only about Digital Marketing - it happens to each and every domain. Earlier we were using landing phones and such a big computer - now everything comes in a tablet.

Synchronize with Trend if you have any interest to survive in this Modern Era.

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